UK Biocentre Provides Biorepository Services to the First National Renal Biobank (NURTuRE)
UK Biocentre Provides Biorepository Services to the First National Renal Biobank (NURTuRE).
NURTuRE - (National Unified Renal Translational Research Enterprise) is a kidney biobank project established through Kidney Research UK in collaboration with industry and academia to establish the first renal biobank covering England, Wales and Scotland. This five-year project is collecting samples from across 12 NHS Trusts with patients followed up at specific intervals. 
The NURTuRE biobank is being funded by AbbVie Inc, Evotec AV, Retrophin, UCB Celltech Biopharma and Kidney Research UK.
The project is being jointly delivered through the University of Bristol and the University of Nottingham.

Patient groups (in particular, the Nephrotic Syndrome Trust and Kidney Research UK’s Lay Advisory Committee) have been involved at all stages in the development of NURTuRE. Patients have also had direct input into the study documentation, including the patient information sheets and consent forms.

The biorepository, established at the NIHR National Biosample Centre in Milton Keynes, is collecting and storing biological samples from 3,000 patients with chronic kidney disease and at least 800 patients with idiopathic nephrotic syndrome. When complete, this will provide a significant resource for fundamental and translational research.  From early 2019, researchers will be able to apply for access to samples stored in the biobank for future studies

The NIHR National Biosample Centre is receiving up to 3 deliveries of plasma, serum, urine and whole blood samples a month from NURTuRE. Approximately 179,000 samples are now in storage.

For more information on the NURTuRE enterprise visit their website at